EU Watchdog Radio Episode 50: No gala for the gas lobby

No gala for the gas lobby

EU Watchdog Radio Episode 50

For the first time in seventeen years, the European Gas Conference was cancelled—or, at least, postponed. However, this did not stop CEO from travelling all the way to Vienna to meet with climate activists and campaigners at the People’s Summit, the counter-summit of the Gas Conference.


This episode was recorded live in the capital city of Austria. Marcella Via spoke with CEO’s researchers and campaigners Pascoe Sabido and Belén Balayá about their views on the People’s Summit and the relevance of the work of the Fossil Free Politics coalition in this framework.

You will also hear the voices of the front line. During the People’s Summit, we’ve asked our allies from Corpus Christi, Texas, and Don’t Gas Africa to send a message to the organisers of the European Gas Conference. We closed the episode sending our special message to the polluters as well. 

Tune in, and enjoy the listening! 



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